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Automatic Shifter Cover

Only944 Automatic shifter cover

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The pictures below show what the cover looks like already installed

Only944 Automatic shifter cover

Only944 Automatic shifter cover

Only944 Automatic shifter cover

Only944 Automatic shifter cover

Only944 Automatic shifter cover

Only944 Automatic shifter cover

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Brand: Only944

Part #: 944AUTOSC

Price: $00.00

In Stock: Yes

Qty Required: 1

Time to Ship: 1 day

Application: 944 (86-91)

Notes: For the Automatic 944 only


Genuine black leather, automatic shifter cover. This cover will allow you to recover your shift handle, getting rid of that old, broken leather cover with a brand new, genuine black leather cover.

The cover comes with everything you see in the first picture. A black leather cover with 2 blunt needles, two long pieces of thread, and superglue. It doesn’t come with a new handle or button or side plug, those will need to be reused from your car. The cover is designed to be installed just like the original cover. The bottom is held onto the car with elastic, and the top is hand sewn onto the plastic handle. I know what you are thinking, I can’t sew, or sewing leather by hand is way too hard, but this is not the case with our cover. The way our cover is designed, you don’t have to know how to sew, and you don’t have to actually sew through the leather. The needle never has to poke through the leather. You are hand sewing around the threads that are already sewn into the cover. We borrowed this style of sewing from the way Ferrari sews their steering wheels. It’s a very strong way to sew a cover onto an object. There is no risk of pulling too tight and ripping the sewing out of the leather. No ripped holes! The hand sewing pulls on the leather from 3 points and not just one hole, creating a very strong and tight sew job. Please read the instruction to better understand how easy it is to hand sew and why it’s so strong.

Please note that our black leather is not a perfect match to the original Porsche leather. We try to match both color and texture as best we can, but sometimes there will be slight variations. This seems to be most noticeable if you have an all black interior and you are looking for an exact perfect match. Please email us if you would like a sample of the leather we use.

Check out the instructions Here

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