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New Site. New Blog.

A couple months ago, something went wrong and our entire site got deleted. We were able to be back up and running with all the major parts pages within a week. But the blog suffered. All the posts are gone.

Slowly but surely we will add more info about our parts and other cool stuff here on the blog, but what’s most important to us is making sure you get the parts you ordered, and getting more awesome parts created to make your 944 better and better.

Some of our newest parts can be found at the top of our parts catalog.

Hood Seal – This will help keep engine smells out of the interior of the car.

Racing Shifter Cover – This shifter cover is designed for 944 race cars, with no interior.

944 Key Chain – Custom made, one of a kind Porsche 944 chrome plated steel key chain.

Sunroof Seals – Sunroof leaking? You need this.

Brushed Aluminum Seat Latches (Seat Rosette and Knob) – To spruce up the interior look of your car.

So be sure to check those out, and anything else in the Parts Catalog you might need or want for your Porsche 944.

In other news, Only944 has moved from San Diego, CA to Palm Bay, FL. All the way across the country.

I sold one of my 944s before we left and drove my white 944 (Rambo) from the Pacific to the Atlantic, while my brave and noble wife drove the moving truck with my 914 restoration project in tow. I taught my wife to drive stick before we left, but she didn’t feel comfortable enough to drive the 944, so she drove the mega truck. So far we’ve actually seen quite a few 944s in the neighborhood which is always cool.

And here’s a pic of our surfboard loaded atop my 944. See how versatile 944s can be?


My wife also painted the original Only944 logo for me for my birthday and it’s now hanging in my new office.

Well, that’s it for now.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep coming back.

3 Responses to 'New Site. New Blog.'

  1. Andrew Bober says:

    My first porsche was a 1985 944 since then I have had two 911’s, one 912E, and my pride and joy a 1962 356B.
    Last week I bought another 1985 944 and it should be here next week. I can’t wait to go over it and see what it needs. I know already it needs sunroof seals.
    Your site is just fantastic and you will see me purchasing several of your items.

  2. Robert Leahy says:

    Hope the move went well.
    My S2 Cabriolet needs a new shift boot. A guy here in Australia is advertising one he says he got from Only944:
    Brand: Only944

    “Part #: 944SC2Leather

    Application: 944 (85.5-91), 968 (92-95)

    Notes: Shifter covers are for cars with the original Porsche shift knob.


    Available in genuine black faux leatherette. Includes a cover only, which will go on your existing shift knob and you can reuse the top cap.

    You don’t have to live with that worn out shifter cover any longer. Now you can have a new shifter cover for a fraction of the price of OEM. Soft black leathette, with a smooth light texture. A new shifter cover will enhance the look and feel of the car. We have full instructions on the website to guide you through the installation process and several tips to make it a little easier.

    Please note that color may not be a 100% perfect match to the original Porsche color. We try to match both color and texture as best we can, but sometimes there will be slight variations. This seems to be most noticeable if you have an all black interior and you are looking for an exact perfect match


    Is he correct in desribing this a made in black faux leatherette?
    Regards Bob Leahy

    • Kyle says:

      Hi Bob,

      Our leather shifter cover are real leather, not fake or faux leather. Genuine black leather.


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