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Archive for October 2016

Only944 is back and safe

We finally made it back home and hurricane Matthew did very little damage to our place. Mostly tree branches broke and the yard is a mess.

Although we were forced to leave because of the hurricane we were able to make it into a little vacation and visited Nashville and few other places. We went to a great state park outside of nashville and did some hiking and saw about 8 waterfalls. It was a very beautiful land.

But we are back now and shipping parts out as normal. So order will be filled right away now, just like before.

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Hurricane Matthew kicked us out of Florida

We evacuated on Tuesday after packing everything we wanted to save in our 2 cars. That’s not really an easy task, but luckily we don’t have very many material things. We actually had a little room left over. The forecast was that Matthew would hit the coast right on us (Melbourne/Palm Bay area).

When we left there was really no traffic, but some gas stations were out of gas already. Good thing we filled up early, and the 944 gets great gas mileage.

We stopped for 1 night in Tallahassee FL. and are now in Montgomery AL. headed to Nashville TN. tomorrow. We are planning on staying there for a little while, until we can find out when it’s safe to return.

So until we return back to FL. we are unable to ship orders, but they will be shipped as soon as we can.

The good news is that we saved a 944 from the destructive powers of hurricane Matthew.

The 87 944 also turned over 150K miles on our evacuation the first day. Yay, Happy 150K birthday 944!

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