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Archive for April 2017

New Power Steering Pump Tensioner

After having the OEM tensioner break more than once, we thought it was about time to make our own.

We know there are others out there making this very simple part, but we didn’t like the way any of them looked. If you have a really nice, clean engine you probably want to have ALL the parts looking nice. So we designed our own tensioner for this reason, to keep your engine looking top notch.

Our tensioner has a full hex stainless steel body so it can be held anywhere with a wrench (and stainless steel nuts). This also makes it much stronger than the OEM part.

The ends, or rod eyes, are strong chromoly steel. For added strength and reliability.

More strength, no rust, and looks amazing!

We also noticed something very interesting when testing our new tensioner. We noticed that it seems many power steering pumps have been installed incorrectly, either by the factory or mechanics. It’s really hard to tell at this point. It appears that some pumps use a washer as a spacer and some do not. And if this washer is left out, or installed when it shouldn’t be, the pump belt and tensioner will not be aligned correctly. This is a fairly easy fix, and is explained in the instructions.

We have also included a new locknut and washers with our tensioner. One of these washers can be used to help misalignment problems with the pump, which is also explained in the instructions.

Only944 power steering pump tensioner

Only944 power steering pump tensioner

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