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E-Brake Button Instructions


Tools you will need:

2 Hands


1. Park the car on a flat surface, or put chocks under the wheels so the car won’t roll away.

2. Release the e-brake all the way.

3. Grab the stock e-brake button with your hand and loosen it by rotating, just like you would a bolt.(standard threads, not reversed)

4. You will have to spin the button a lot of times before it comes off the handle. Be careful when the button does finally come off. There is a long spring behind the button that will spring out a little.

5. Make sure the long spring is still inside the handle and then take the new button and thread it on the e-brake. Keep spinning until the button is all the way on and tight. Don’t use any tools to tighten the button, only use your hands. Tools will ruin the finish of the button and are not needed.