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Hatch Seal Instructions

Porsche 944 parts

Tools you will need:

2 Hands


1. Remove the old hatch seal. Pull the old seal off the car.

2. Clean all the goo off the car, from where the old seal used to be.

3. If your car has a rear windshield wiper, put the new seal through the area where the wires go from the car to the glass.

Porsche 944 hatch seal installation

4. Start installing the seal from the lock area and push it on the car while going around the hatch area.

Porsche 944 hatch seal installation

5. When the seal comes around to the end it should be a little too long. About 1/2 to 1 inch. This is ideal. Push the two ends of the hatch seal together and onto the car. Work backwards, pushing the seal onto the car until it all fits. The hatch seal is able to be stretched or compressed a little while installing it. If your hatch seal isn’t long enough when you come to the end, remove some of the seal and stretch it a little while pushing it onto the car.

Porsche 944 hatch seal installation