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Power Steering Pump Tensioner Alignment Testing

Tools you will need:

13mm Wrenches X2


1. Install the tensioner on the engine side stud, then a washer and the nut. Tighten this nut snug, until there is no play in the tensioner, but it can still rotate by hand. When you are done it should look like the pictures below.

Rotate the tensioner up to the bracket. If it hits the bracket or has a large gap, then something is out of alignment. If it slides by the bracket perfectly then everything is correct and you should not install the alignment washer before installing the tensioner.

2. If your tensioner is hitting the bracket, or there is a large gap between the tensioner and the bracket, then the pump in not installed correctly on the car. This is misaligned pump.

3. If your pump is misaligned check front bolt/stud that holds the pump onto the engine. Some pumps were designed to have a washer and some were not. This is how you will align the pump. Either add or remove a washer here depending on which way your pump is out of alignment (washer not supplied).

4. If your tensioner hits the bracket by only a little bit, like in this picture, then the pump is most likely installed correctly but we still recommend installing the supplied spacer washer before installing the new tensioner.

5. Alignment spacer washer. Place one washer on either side of the tensioner, where needed.