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Sunroof Seal #1 Instructions


Tools you will need:

Clear silicone, or some kind of thick glue, drying or non drying
2 Hands


1. Remove the sunroof from the car. Place it upside down on a soft surface so you won’t scratch the paint.

2. Remove the old seal from the sunroof by pulling it off.

3. Clean the sunroof where the seal used to be, if it’s dirty.

Porsche 944 sunroof seal installation

4. As a reference, the picture below is the correct way to install the seal. The large foam tube part goes towards the inside of the sunroof.

Porsche 944 sunroof seal installation

5. We suggest fully installing the seal to test fitment and orientation before gluing the seal on. Then remove the seal and apply a little bead of silicone(or any thick glue like material) into the groove (the second time installing the seal will be much easier). It has been noticed that water can, on occasion, travel between the sunroof and the seal(see picture below). The U shaped channel can fill up with water and some can then come out inside the car. A small bead of clear silicone works great for fixing this. We used, VersaChem #75009 Clear Flowable Silicone, but anything will work great.

Porsche 944 sunroof seal installation

The next 2 pictures show the small amount of silicone (or glue) in the groove area of the seal. This is all you need to put on the seal before installing it onto the sunroof.
Porsche 944 sunroof seal installation

Porsche 944 sunroof seal installation

6. Once a small bead of silicone is applied to the seal then you can push the new seal onto the sunroof. Find the seam in the seal and place it in the middle of the rear of the sunroof. Make sure the seal is lined up with the ridge before pressing down. When pressing on the seal, make sure you have something supporting the backside of the sunroof.