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Firewall Brace Shim

Only944 firewall brace shim

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Only944 firewall brace shim

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Brand: Only944

Part #: 944FWB-Shim

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Application: 924 (?), 944 (82-91), 951 (86-91)



The firewall brace shim is needed to correctly angle the clutch master cylinder after a brace is installed. Firewall braces from other companies might not have came with this shim, so we are offering it. If a shim was not installed while installing a firewall brace then most likely the clutch master cylinder push rod is binding on the master cylinder. This is obviously not good. Our shim will correctly position the master cylinder back to the factory angle, fixing any binding.

There is also another possible need for a second shim. This will all depend on how bad your firewall is already cracked. If your firewall isn’t cracked then a second shim will not be needed, as one is supplied with our brace. If your firewall is already cracked then we recommend welding the firewall brace to your car. Bolting it on might not make the car strong enough to handle the forces of the master cylinder. A crack in the firewall can migrate up to where the bolts are for the clutch master cylinder. If this happens then the original, welded on bolts, will not be strong enough to hold the master cylinder in place. We would then recommend removing the factory bolts from the firewall(cutting off). Then you can place one shim on the inside of the brace and one shim on the outside of the brace. This will allow the bolts and the clutch master cylinder to all sit at the correct factory angle.

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