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Hatch Pin Seats

Only944 Hatch Pin Seats

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Only944 Hatch Pin Seats

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Brand: Only944

Part #: 944HPS

Price: $00.00

In Stock: Yes

Qty Required: Sold as a pair

Time to Ship: 1 day

Application: 924 (76-88), 944 (82-91), 951 (86-91)

Notes: Not for 968


If your hatch rattles then this is the fix you need. When the hatch closes the two pins go into the locking mechanisms to hold the hatch shut. There is supposed to be a rubber stopper at the bottom of the lock for the pins to rest on. The rubber gets brittle over time and falls apart. This causes the hatch to rattle. Porsche doesn’t sell these rubber pieces, instead they sell the whole lock with the rubber parts.($40-$70 each) These new seats are the answer. They are made of Delrin so they will last a long time and have a rubber o-ring around the outside to cushion the hatch pins and stop the rattling. The oring also applies the back pressure to hold the pin tight against the lock, eliminating the rattle. There is a groove cut out of one side to allow water to flow through, as originally designed. The groove also aids in an easy installation.

Because of the age of our cars, squeaks and other noises might still be heard. They can be caused by the glass separating from the frame, or things in the hatch side compartments, or other various items.

Hatch Pin Seats might not be a perfect fit for everyone. They are designed to fit a car that has some wear on the locks and pins.(Most of us) If you have the original hatch pins then there is a 99.9% chance they will work perfectly. If you have new hatch pins then there is a slim chance they will work correctly. The newer the pins are the more likely you will need to modify (sand) the inside of the hatch pin seats to make them fit. These parts need to be a very precise size to work correctly. Returns on unsanded hatch pin seats are okay. If you try them, and they don’t work, and you don’t want to sand them, you can return them.

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