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Side Mirrors (Glass Only)

Only944 Side Mirror Glass

Porsche 944 Parts

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Brand: Burco

Part #: 944MIRROR

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Application: 944 (82-91), 951 (86-91), 928 (78-91)

Notes: Will fit flag style power mirrors (OEM mirrors)


Replacement side mirror glass for the Porsche 944 and 928. This is a high quality replacement mirror from Burco, cut to the exact shape and size as the original mirror. This mirror will fit the stock housing perfectly, and comes with thin double sided sticky foam circles to hold the mirror to the housing. Works on heated mirrors.

Mirrors come in two types, flat and convex. Flat mirrors reflect exactly what you would normally see, just like a regular mirror. Convex mirrors make things look smaller and farther away, so you can see more. Flat and convex mirrors are the exact same outside shape, and the same dimensions. This means that you can replace the convex mirror with a flat mirror. Please select the type of mirror before ordering.

From the factory, the drivers side mirror is flat and the passenger side is convex.

As the 944 ages so does the adhesive holding the mirror onto the housing. Then, all of the sudden, the mirror falls off, shattering into 100 pieces. This generally happens when you close the door or drive over a bump. Now you can replace that broken mirror with a high quality replacement in minutes.

Mirrors are very simple to install and take about 2 minutes. Mirror housing does not need to be removed from the car to install the mirror.

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