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Front Seat Covers (Reupholster kits)
968  92-95

Seatz seat covers

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Seatz seat covers

Hardware Included with our kit

Colors are for reference only, and may differ slightly from actual vinyl colors

Seatz seat covers

Tartan insert color options

Seatz seat covers

Pictures below are of a customer installed seat covers.

Standard Seats 1985.5 944, Burgundy

Seatz seat covers

Seatz seat covers

Porsche 944 parts
Porsche 944 parts
Porsche 944 parts
Porsche 944 parts

944 1987 with Greige Sport seats

Seatz seat covers

Porsche 944 parts
Porsche 944 parts

924 with Lobster red standard seats

Seatz seat covers

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Brand: Seatz

Part #: 968FSC2

Price: $390.00

In Stock: Made to Order, 10-30 Days

Qty Required: 1 (Comes as a Pair)

Time to Ship: 10-30 days

Application: 968 (92-93), 968 (94-95)

Notes: Please note that there are no returns on Seat Covers since they are all custom made. But please let us know if there is an issue.

Description:   Please read everything before ordering.

Our seat cover reupholster kits include:
     2 Seat bottom covers
      2 Seat backrest covers
      Hog rings and limited use hog ring plyers
      100 Cable ties
      12 New allen bolts for the seat rails, class 12.9 (much stronger
      4 New E-clips for the seat backrest cables
      8 New bolts for the seat backrest
      Full installation instructions found on the website with over 90

Recover your torn or ripped seats with this new reupholster kit. This kit comes with everything you will need to recover both front seats. Kits are made with thick, premium automotive grade palma vinyl, and includes 2 bottom covers, 2 backrest covers, hog rings, hog ring pliers, cable ties, seat rail allen bolts, and E clips. Select the desired seat color, then select perforated or solid inserts and standard or sport seats. Please email us if you are unsure of your seat color, or seat type you have.

Kits are available for both standard and sports seats. Make sure you select the correct type of seat when ordering. Sport seats have taller side bolsters on both the backrest and bottom of the seat. If you are unsure which seats you have please email us a picture and we will let you know.

This reupholster kit will fit a Porsche 968 1992-1995. If you don’t see what you need or have a different car and need seat covers please check our website or contact us.

The Porsche 968 has two different style seat covers. The 1992-1993 seat covers have straight sew lines on both insert, and the 1994-1995 has an arched sew line on the inserts. Because of this change we sell two different style covers. Please select the correct year in the drop down menu to order the correct seat covers.

Since the 968 is an old car the interior color will have changed slightly. Sun, dirt, and old age can change the original seat color to something a little different. So the colors that we offer might not exactly match what is currently in your car now. We offer samples at no charge so you can get the best matching color. As an example, a 1987 944 with light gray interior(color code LQ) looks best with greige color seats(in our opinion), as opposed to light gray seats. See example picture below.

Custom seat covers are available with little or no extra charge. Please email us before ordering to work out the details. Custom options include 2 tone seats, or different piping color.

Please note that the seats need to be removed from the car, and the old upholstery must be removed from the seats in order to install this kit.

Check out our full instructions with over 90 pictures on the website, Here

One great way to accent your new seat covers is with our brushed aluminum seat latches. Check them out, you will be glad you did.
Aluminum seat latchesAluminum seat latches

Below are examples of Greige, Gray, and Light Gray vinyl samples next to a 1987 944 with light gray interior, color code “LQ”, which is the same as color codes “YP&”, and “XP”. This car is well taken care of and has 135K miles. Greige is a very close match.
Seatz seat covers

Seatz seat covers

Seatz seat covers

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