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Only944 Shifter

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Only944 Shifter

Only944 Shifter

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NASA approved part
PCA approved part

Brand: Only944

Part #: 944SHIFTER

Price: $00.00

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Qty Required: 1

Time to Ship: 1 day

Application: 924 (81-85), 924S (86-88), 944 (82-91), 951 (86-91)

Notes: Not for 968.


The all new shifter with bearings from Only944. Made with a steel body and stainless steel ball stud on bottom. Custom made shoulder bolt for excellent fitment, and two thrust bearings with special stainless steel washers. This all equals smooth, “play” free shifting! Find the gear you are looking for the first time.

Below is an animation to help explain what makes this shifter so much better than the original porsche shifter. The animation shows the difference between a worn out shifter and a new one from Only944 with bearings. As your car ages so does the shifter and the shift shaft. Porsche made these to wear out, metal spinning on metal every time you move the shifter. The shifter pin wears out first, then the shift shaft wears out. This creates large amounts of play in the shifter and will make it difficult to engage the gears. Buying a new shifter from Porsche doesn’t solve this problem because the shift shaft is also worn down.(middle picture) Now there is an easy way to fix this problem. This new shifter comes with thrust bearings that rest on both sides of the shift shaft and tightens down against its sides. It doesn’t matter how worn out the shift shaft is because the bearing press on the sides and hold it firm. The bearings also allows for smooth shifting for many years to come.

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Porsche 944 worn out shifter animation

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