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Shift Linkage Arm

Only944 Shift Linkage Arm.

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Only944 Shift Linkage Arm

Great video made by Andy J. showing the difference between the stock arm and our linkage arm.

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NASA approved part
PCA approved part

Brand: Only944

Part #: 944SLA

Price: $00.00

In Stock: Yes

Qty Required: 1

Time to Ship: 1 day

Application: 924 (76-85), 924S (86-88), 944 (82-91), 951 (86-91)

Notes: Not for 968


The shift linkage arm is a part that will lighten up the feel of the shifter and aide in the enjoyment of shifting even more. The stock arm has rubber joints that hinder the shifting performance of the 944. The rubber on the stock part needs to be compressed every time you move the shifter. Our shift linkage arm has ball joints for easy and much freer movement of the shifter. Not having to compress old rubber each time you shift will make shifting easier. It’s something that you can literally feel when you shift the car. Once installed you will notice the shifter has less resistance when changing gears. This is also a great addition to our short shifter and shifter. Installing all three parts will make your shifting better than it was originally, much smoother, lighter, faster, and more precise.

The shift linkage arm will work with both the stock shift linkage or our short shifter, and can be installed at anytime. The shift linkage doesn’t need to be removed from the car to install this part. Comes with everything you see in the second picture. A new shift linkage arm, a special thick washer for the transmission side, 2 large washers and nylock nut for the side that attaches to the shift linkage.

Please note that you will need an extremely short 11mm wrench to install the shift linkage arm. A wrench will need to be cut to 1.5 inches long, like in the picture below. If you have an old 11mm wrench then you can cut it, or we sell one HERE for only $5.00 A cut 11mm wrench is manditory to install this arm, unless your transmissions is removed from the car. If your transmission is removed from the car then a standard 11mm wrench works fine.

Only944 Shift Linkage Arm wrench

Check out the instructions Here.

Below is a picture of a transmission out of the car, with our short shifter, and shift linkage arm installed. This is just for reference, and to see where the parts go.
Only944 Shift Linkage Arm

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