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Short Shifter

Only944 Short Shifter, Intermediate Shift Lever

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Only944 Short Shifter, Intermediate Shift Lever

Only944 Short Shifter, Intermediate Shift Lever

Short shifter installed on early transmission

Short shifter and shift linkage arm installed on an early 944 transmission.

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NASA approved part

Brand: Only944


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Application: 924 (81-85), 924S (86-88), 944 (82-91), 951 (86-91)

Notes: Will not fit the 968


Only944 short shift linkage is made with a high strength stainless steel rod and aluminum arms for light weight and durability. Pivoting action is achieved through a high quality, custom chromoly heim joint with Teflon race and two sealed ball bearings. Shifting is smooth, exact, and uses 30% less movement than stock to change gears.

This is the linkage in the rear of the car on top of the transmission. The only way to make the 944 have a shorter shift pattern is to change this linkage. The linkage will change the distance that the shifter has to move to select a gear. It will shorten the distance front to back by about 30% and also the distance side to side by about 30%. For those people that want to enjoy smooth and fast shifting then you will enjoy this short shift linkage. Especially since the Porsche linkage, part number 94442401302, cost more than $225.00

Installation is easy, if you can remove the rear wheel then you can install a short shifter. Check out the instructions Here.

Some have asked the question: How strong are the threads in the aluminum on our short shifter? Well, to answer this question we picked a short shifter at random and torqued the bolt to 60 ftlbs, then 80 ftlbs and the threads were still fine so we tightened it as hard as we could. It took about 150 ftlbs to strip out the aluminum. Obviously we don’t suggest tightening this bolt that tight. About 40 ftlbs and loctite will work perfectly.

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Exploded view of the short shifter. Short shifters come fully assembled, so all you need to do is install it.

Only944 Short Shifter, Intermediate Shift Lever

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