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Sunroof Cam

Only944 Sunroof Cam Porsche Part Number 944-564-535-00

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Only944 Sunroof Cam Porsche Part Number 944-564-535-00

Only944 Sunroof Cam Porsche Part Number 944-564-535-00

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Brand: Only944

Part #: 944SRCAM

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Application: 924 (87-88), 944 (86-91), 951 (86-91), 968 (92-95)

924 1987 From Vin# 50199 on
944 1986 From Vin# 57875 on
951 1986 From Vin# 54212 on
968 All years

Porsche 944 Parts

Notes: Includes a new screw for the end of the cable


The sunroof cam is a replacement for Porsche part number 944-564-535-00.

This is a part on the sunroof motor that tells the motor to stop when the sunroof is closed. It triggers the sensors that tells the motor to stop when the sunroof is completely down, so the sunroof arms won’t keep retracting and release the sunroof. The Porsche part is plastic and the end that holds the cable becomes brittle and breaks. The cable will detach from the cam and the cam will not work properly.

Does your sunroof arms continue to retract after the sunroof is completely closed? This is caused by a broken sunroof cam. With the ignition switch on, or the car running, the sunroof arms should retract just until the sunroof is completely closed, then they should stop retracting. If the arms continue to retract all the way, the sunroof cam is probably broken. An easy way to tell if yours is broken is to pull back the carpet on the left side of the hatch area. If you can see the cable sticking out like in the picture below, then the cam is broken.

Porsche has discontinued this part sometime ago, but now there is a replacement. We have not only made this part available again, but have made it out of aluminum and much stronger than the original part.

Check out the instructions Here

The picture below is of a car with a broken sunroof cam. You can clearly see the cable sticking straight out of the back of the motor. If your car looks like this, you need the part above.

Only944 extra taillight mod

Below is a picture of a car with a good sunroof cam. You shouldn’t be able to see the cable at all.

Only944 extra taillight mod

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