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Sunroof Seal (attaches to the car)

Only944 Sunroof seal replacement for Porsche part numbers 944-564-621-00, and 944-564-623-00

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Brand: Only944

Part #: 944SRS2

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Application: 924 (76-88), 944 (82-91), 968 (92-95)



The sunroof seal is a replacement for Porsche part numbers 944-564-621-00 and 944-564-623-00.

This seal is the sunroof seal that attaches to the body of the car, not the sunroof. It’s the secondary problem in a leaking sunroof.

This seal is on the body of the car and makes contact with the sunroof seal to seal out water. This seal is important because it completes the seal between the sunroof and the body of the car. If this seal is bad, or has shrunk leaving a gap, water can enter the car through the sunroof. We suggest changing out both seals at the same time to make sure you get the best seal possible.

Unlike the original Porsche seal, our seal is a loop, not just a straight length of seal. This helps keep the sunroof completely sealed by eliminating the gap where the seal comes together. The original seal can shrink, or get distorted on the ends, allowing water to enter the car. Our seal is a solid, one piece seal that’s been cut to the right size, looped together and glued, eliminating this future problem. Cracks and gaps in the seal are the easiest way for water to get into the car through the sunroof seal. So if your sunroof is leaking, or you have a gap where the seal comes together, you will need a new seal. Our seal is a better design and has free shipping(inside the US).

Please note that this is not the original Porsche seal, but an almost identical replica from Only944

Our body sunroof seal is a replacement for Porsche part numbers 944-564-621-00 and 944-564-623-00.

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