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Tail Light Seal

Only944 Tail light seal

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Brand: Only944

Part #: 944TLSEAL

Price: $00.00

In Stock: Yes

Qty Required: 1 (Sold as a Package of 2 seals)

Time to Ship: 1 Day

Application: 924 (ALL), 944 (ALL), 951 (ALL)

Notes: Not for the 968


Water leaking into the rear of your car from the tail lights? This seal might be the answer. Comes with enough seal to fix both rear tail lights. Simple to install and cuts very easy with normal scissors.

Porsche used a round tube of tar to seal the rear tail lights on the 924/944. Over time the tar loses its seal and water will get into the rear of the car. Normally running onto the lights and into the side compartments. Porsche only sells this tar seal in bulk, about enough to fix 5 cars, at a price of about $70. Part number 00004317200. It’s also not fun to work with, very sticky and messy.

Our seal is an easy replacement for the Porsche tar seal. It’s a stick-on foam rubber seal specifically designed to fit the 924/944 tail lights. Simply remove the backing and stick the new seal on and reinstall the tail lights.

This seal was specially designed to fit the tail lights of the 924/944. The seal needed to compress more on the side of the lights than the rear, and also at an angle. The shape of this seal allows it to compress to different heights and also take the sideways compressing.

Water can leak into and onto the tail lights from a few different locations, and the tail light seal is one of them. Other places are, the hatch seal, the hatch lock area, and around the lenses themselves.

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