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Throttle Response Cam

Only944 Throttle Cam

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Only944 Throttle Cam

Only944 Throttle Cam

Only944 Throttle Cam

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Brand: Only944

Part #: 944TRC

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Application: 924S (86-88), 944 (82-89 with manual transmission)

Notes: Will not fit 924 (76-85), 944S, 944S2, 944 Turbo


Throttle response cam changes the response of the gas pedal. It makes the gas pedal more linear. The Porsche cam is not round like ours, but has an arm that sticks out to one side. This causes the throttle to open slower initially, for the first 1/3 of the throttle. Our throttle response cam eliminates this initial slow turning of the throttle. It provides 1:1 movement. The gas pedal is directly proportionate to the throttle opening. This will make the car feel more responsive.

Cam is made out of aluminum with a nice semi shiny machined finished, and could be polished to a high shine very easily. It’s not painted or anodized, so there will be no fading.

Please note that you need to install this part correctly for the car to run right. It might seem like a very simple part to install, and it is! But it’s very, very easy to over tighten. If over tightened, your car will idle very high, around 2000rpm. If this is happening, the nut holding it on needs to be loosened. Please read the instructions and watch the video, it will show how to properly tighten the nut.

Does it add any horsepower to the car? NO. But it will feel better when accelerating from a stop.

Check out the instructions Here

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