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AC Blower Fan Fix

Tools you will need:

Phillips Screw Driver


1. Open the hood and remove the firewall/hood seal.

Porsche 944 AC Blower fan fix

2. Carefully lift up the plastic cover over the AC blower fans and remove the plug. Remove the 2 screws holding the switch in place, and remove the switch from the car.

Porsche 944 AC Blower fan fix

3. The problem is corrosion builds up between the 2 contact points. This keeps electricity from flowing and the fans from coming on. The contact points need to be cleaned and be able to make good contact.

Word of caution! Be very careful when cleaning these contacts. Making sure you don’t bend the metal tabs. These contact point are what cause the fan to turn off incase of emergencies. If the fan motor stops working these metal tabs will heat up and then bend, disconnecting power. if this doesn’t happen it could cause a fire. Only bend the tabs open just enough to clean them, like in the picture.

Carefully clean the metal contact points with sandpaper and/or cleaner. Note there are 2 switches and both will need to be cleaned.

Porsche 944 AC Blower fan fix

4. Install the switch back into the car and test the AC blower fans to make sure they work at all speeds. If they are not, the switch will need to be cleaned again.