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Hatch Seal

Only944 Hatch Seal

Only944 Hatch Seal

Only944 Hatch Seal

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Brand: Only944

Part #: 944HATCHSEAL

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Application: 924 (77-88), 944 (82-91), 951 (86-91), 968 (92-95)

Notes: Not for 944 Cabriolet or 968 Cabriolet


This seal is a replica of the original Porsche hatch seal and is a direct replacement for part number 94451204300 and 94451204301. #38 on the parts diagram. This seal is a complete loop, perfectly sized for the 924, 944, and 968.

Rear hatch seal. A cracked or broken rear hatch seal will allow exhaust fumes to enter the car while driving. Air coming off the rear of the car will spin upwards and back towards the car and exhaust fumes will actually be pushed into the car through the hatch (clearly seen in the last picture of a 944 in a wind tunnel). If you smell exhaust fumes while driving this is most likely the cause. It will also allow extra noise in the car. Depending on how bad you rear hatch seal is, it can quiet your car considerably. It will also keep water sealed out. A new rear hatch seal will also keep your interior cleaner, keeping dust and dirt out. All this for about half the price of the original, and it’s easy to install. The old one just pulls off and the new one pushes on. Installation takes about 10 minutes and can makes a big difference.

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